• Hulu Tamu Eco Resort

    Family-run campsite in a developing orchard in Batang Kali, Selangor

  • We offer campsite lots with access to

    River / Orchard / Forest / Nature / Parking / Toilets / Showers /Sinks / Surau / Individual Plugpoints

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    Main Camp Restroom & Surau


    3 sit down toilets

    1 closed shower

    2 open roof showers

    1 open shower

    Ablution area

    2 sinks

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    Forest Side Restroom & Surau


    4 sit down toilets

    4 open roof showers

    3 sinks


    3 sit down toilets

    2 open roof showers

    3 Open shower/ablution area

    3 sinks

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    Individual Plugpoints

    Light electrical equipments only
    (200W or less)

    Rice cooker, lights, fan, laptop, phone charger, small projector, small radio.


    Karaoke machines, Loudspeakers, AV System, Microwaves, Fridge, AirConditioner, Air fryers, Electric Pressure Cookers etc

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    Pondok Buluh

    One 5m x 5m Bamboo Gazebo

    Daytrip only (10am-6pm). Next to the river

    RM100 per day

    Max 12 guests, 2 cars

    Extra persons/cars will be charged RM20/ea

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    Vending Machine

    selling snacks and refrigerated drinks to keep you cool on a hot day.

    Accepts payments using RM1 and RM5 notes , or QR codes from your e-wallets

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    Rubber Tubes

    To float down the river

    RM10 per day per tube

    (Deposit RM20 per tube)


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    Ice & Water

    Next to the vending machine.

    Self Service and bring your own bucket

    Ice : RM1 for 2 scoops

    Water : RM10 for medium bottle, RM15 for big bottle


    Please inform Ihsan (0183110608) if these run out.


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    Trolleys & Wheelbarrow

    To assist you in moving your camping gear.
    Can be found at the main camp's surau


    Please return after using so that others can use it too.


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    Swedish Logs

    An alternative to your regular campfire.

    Just light them up from the middle. They last all night and you can set your pan on top.

    Price varies depends on size.

    Price written on the logs.

    Please inform Ihsan (0183110608) if these run out.


  • Our campsite at night

    We have enough lighting (powered by solar & the grid), but you are welcomed to bring your own.

    Click Here to book

  • Campsite Layout

    • MAIN CAMP : Tapak 1 - 12 
    • FOREST SIDE : Tapak 13 - 26
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  • Contact us:

    Hulu Tamu Eco Resort

    Lot 1490, Jalan Ulu Tamu, 44300 Batang Kali, SELANGOR


    Campsite Manager:

    018 311 0608



    • QUIET HOURS : 11PM - 6AM
    • Keep Gate Closed
    • Inform the Camp Manager of your car registration number. Only registered cars are allowed to come in
    • Park only at designated areas
    • Be considerate of other visitors
    • Be courteous with HTER staff
    • Follow instructions
    • Stay safe! Keep to designated areas & paths.
    • Inform us if you are sick
    • Keep your campsite clean. Take care of your own trash.
    • Keep our river clean!
    • Watch your kids.
    • Save water
    • Wear proper footwear. There are parts of the river that is rocky.


    • Invite other people to come visit you without asking the Camp Manager. UNREGISTERED CARS/GUESTS RM50/ea.
    • Drive your car into the campsite lots and damage the lots.
    • Make loud noises - no generators, loudspeakers or karaoke allowed.
    • Cut trees, dig holes or move furniture
    • Catch fish. NO FISHING IN THE RIVER.
    • Make campfires outside of designated areas.
    • Litter
    • Poop at places other than the toilets



    By making a booking, you agree to follow the Campsite Rules and be fully responsible for the safety of your party and your belongings. You will not hold the campsite operator responsible for any losses or damages incurred during your stay at the campsite.



    Dengan membuat tempahan, anda bersetuju untuk menmatuhi Peraturan Campsite dan bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya atas penjagaan keselamatan kesemua ahli kumpulan dan harta-benda anda.Pihak pengurusan campsite tidak bertanggungjawab atas apa² kehilangan atau kerosakan yang dialami sewaktu anda berada di campsite ini.



    Thankyou for your cooperation!

    We're happy if everyone is happy


    Campsite Manager:

    018 311 0608

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    About Us


    The Taufik Family started this orchard as a retirement plan.

    Due to popular demand, we built basic facilities for campers. What started out with just 10 campsite lots by the river and has now expanded to 24 lots.
    The whole family takes care of Hulu Tamu Eco Resort, because this is our home.

    Ilham takes care of maintenance, Ihsan is the campsite manager, while the rest of the family takes general care of the house, the orchard and HTER's social media accounts.

    You might encounter one or all of us at the campsite when you come and visit. Don't be shy, just say Hi !


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